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Die 35. Internationale Woche am MK

This year marked the 35th International Week at Martino-Katharineum. The International Club hosted over twenty exchange students from fifteen countries, including Switzerland, China, the United States, England, Russia, Denmark, Brazil, France, the Czech Republic, Australia, Thailand, Slovakia, Poland, Japan, and Italy. These students all arrived on February 20th to spend a week in Braunschweig. The visitors and their host brothers and sisters made daily field trips to local corporations such as Schimmel Pianos, the Braunschweiger Zeitung, and the Feldschlößchen brewery. The group also took a tour of the Staatstheater and visited the snow-covered Harz Mountains. The week came to a close with the group´s participation in the Karneval Parade. Our visitors and hosts rode together on the MK-Float through the streets of the city and showered the crowd with candies. After a long day, everyone returned to school to take apart the float, which marked the conclusion of the week. As new friends exchanged email addresses and telephone numbers and said their good-byes, one could easily see, despite the short timespan, that meaningful and hopefully lasting friendships between students from very different backgrounds and cultures had been made.

Justin Mygatt